6.18.19 VIRUS of DOPE - By Shay/Torch

Hi Virus!  Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us at The Artourage.  Let’s get started...

● You started listening to metal music back when you were 13.  What bands got you started?  Motley Crue is the band that made me change life goals.

● I understand you are a talented bassist as well as a guitar player, are there any other instruments you play?   I'm a singer and I also play Piano.


● You have played not only with Dope, but also with Lords Of Acid and... Big and Rich.  What is the biggest difference between the country music crowd and the metal music crowd that you have seen at shows?  Definitely a different vibe.  It's more festive, party vibe; no aggression like I'm used to...LOL 

● I'm sure you've been called evil many times over the years, but I never would have thought that you would have worked with Disney! I read on your Wikipedia page that you produced music for them.  What can you tell us about that? Edsel's brother Simon is in the video gaming industry; he got us that Activision job.  Me and Edsel have done several other things prior like WWF, MTV, VH1, other video games, etc...Grateful for the work; lots of fun.

 ● What is the most RockStar thing you've ever done?  Well, here's a PG story that's more appropriate to talk about, LOL.  After Edsel and myself were on MTV's Headbanger's Ball in NYC, we got into a limo headed for the airport, got on a plane and flew to Columbus, Ohio.  We landed, and then got into another limo that went straight to stage for a sold out show.  Perfect Day! 

● You have worked with a lot of big names.  Do you have any particularly interesting stories to tell?  Too Many to name...John Rich is definitely a fun time!!!!! 

● What band are you listening to the most right now?  It's strange to everyone, but I don't listen to any music for enjoyment; I mostly listen to the music I'm hired to play for a gig or produce. 

● What has been your most treasured memory since you started performing? I treasure the fact that I make a living playing music. I still remember the early days of learning how to play and then being driven to persevere to become good enough to make it my occupation. 

● Is there an artist that you would particularly like to work with next? I've gotten really close to playing pop music with a couple of the hottest pop artists; that's where I'd really like to be. 

● Dope just kicked off a tour with Static-X for their Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour (memorial tribute to Wayne Static) and it looks to run through October, covering the USA, Australia, UK and Europe. Is there a new Dope album in the works, if so, can fans expect it during this tour?  Edsel is a busy, crazy lunatic!  We have a bunch of material of course; he is still figuring out what we are going to do. 

● Speaking of this current tour, which not only features Dope, but is stacked with many other great bands such as Raven Black, Wednesday 13, DevilDriver and of course was the opening night of this tour at The Marquee in Tempe, AZ? Hot and chaotic. Can't complain about a sold out show with wonderful fans though....Thank You ALL!

● We like to give our local musicians a chance to ask a question or two.  Here is a couple of questions from Jason Christopher (Guitarist of By The Gods / Tucson,AZ): He was wondering if you are endorsed by a brand, and if so, why you chose that brand? What inspires your writing / how do you go about writing a new riff? Thx Jason! Endorsed by Dean Guitars, Dean Markley, EMG, Digitech.  It's important to be with a company that supports you. Dean Guitars and Dean Markley are two companies that I've been with for almost 20 yrs; and of course their products are excellent!  As a songwriting goes: NEVER write riffs; write choruses.  Riffs are easy. If your choruses suck (the whole reason why you write the song in the first place), your riffs are meaningless because your song will suck!  Keep working!

Awesome!  Thank you again for taking some time out of your busy schedule.  Safe Travels! 

Shay/Torch - Be sure to catch DOPE on tour! 


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